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About 41 Club

Cranleigh lies within the area bounded by Guildford, Dorking, Horsham, Haslemere and Godalming and covers both Cranleigh and all surrounding villages.

​All our current members were originally members of Round Table. The rules of Round Table determine that when a Tabler reaches the age of forty, he then become eligible to join "41 Club" - or as known in some clubs "Ex-RT".

Often if you move into a new area, it is sometimes hard to join in with the local community. However, if an Ex-Round Tabler moves into our area, he (and his family) will have a ready made association with like-minded people willing to welcome him into the area.

In our club at Cranleigh, we are now offering to open our membership to like-minded males who have reached the grand old age of 41.

If you would be interested in attending one of our meetings, with a view to joining our club, please click on the contact tab at the top of this page.


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